Laura McCarney Photography specializes in freezing moments. I photograph at many local spots as well as working out of my home studio in Hatfield. Don't know what to wear? Want a recommendation on a location? Have concerns about the kids? I'm your gal! Give me all the questions you've got, I want this experience to be as stress free and fun as possible!

My mission is to capture beautiful portraits of your children, family or event so you have them to cherish forever.  I want to freeze this moment, right now so you will remember every little detail when you see these photographs.



What to Expect?
At the start of the session, I take a few moments to get comfortable.  This is especially important with little ones.  I love to capture personalities in my photographs!  To achieve this, I do a mixture of posed and candid photos.   I always tell parents don't stress about your kids behaving the entire time, or those perfect posed shots.  The candids are the ones that truly capture their personality anyway! We will get some great photographs no matter if they are smiling perfectly or just being themselves.  Newborn sessions are obviously completely different.  I have lots more information on these specific sessions, so be sure to ask me what to expect. 
Depending on the session you choose, you can expect it to last 1-2 hours.  I like to keep it a relaxed and fun experience and sometimes with young kids, that requires some little breaks to have fun and keep them engaged. Some individuals are more relaxed in front of the camera then others, I'll direct you exactly what we need to be doing. 

Whats Next?
You've had our photo what?  This can vary depending on the type of session you have and the time of year, but you can typically expect within 2-3 weeks to receive your images.  Have you liked LMP Facebook page?  Within a week, you can expect to see a sneak peek of your images.  I spend a great deal of time and effort editing and creating beautiful art out of your photographs.  Nothing makes me happier then knowing my photos made it to print and hang on the walls of your home!  Do you need print suggestions?  Tell me what your looking for, I provide digital galleries and SOON prints and albums!  

When you receive digital images, they are yours forever including a print release so you own the rights to print as you choose!